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Japan Attractions

Tours in japan is something extraordinary. Tourist attractions of japan are many.The Japanese Alps run through the center of Honshu Island , known as 'the Roof of Japan'. A natural playground for hikers, climbers and sightseers in all seasons, much of the area comprises Park. Nagano, which, hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics and is renowned for its great Zenkoji Pilgrimage Temple. Narita, location of Narita Tokyo Airport, is an attractive old town with a large pilgrimage temple, Narita-san. Nearby Tokyo Disneyland is one major tourist attractions of Japan. for both Japanese and foreigners. The surrounding Nikko National Park, a fantastic tourist attraction of Japan offers mountain hot spring resorts and chances for hiking, fishing and boating.

Tokyo is Japan's capital and center of business, Tokyo japan tourist attractions historic sights. Northern Honshu offers wonderful natural scenery spread over three national Sendai is a lively, modern city, home of the famous August Tanabata Star Festival and gateway to the Tohoku region is another tourist attractions of japan. The 161 islands that make up Okinawa lie to the far south of Japan, like stepping-stones between Kyushu and Taiwan. The subtropical climate, clear turquoise seas and many fine beaches comforts tourists.

The historic town of Uji, is one of tourist attraction s of japan, between Kyoto and Nara, is famous for the graceful Byodoin Temple. Tourists are welcomed by the many temples and monasteries on scenic Mount Koya. A trendy japan tours would unleash al such things for you.

The largest city in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, blessed with beautiful rivers, it is also called "the city of water." It has a modern feel and there are various tourist attractions including, Hiroshima Castle, Shukkei-en Garden, the Peace Park, and the Hiroshima Museum of Art. The A-bomb Dome was registered as a world heritage site in December 1996. It is the only building left showing the scars of the atomic bomb and is preserved carefully as a symbol of peace. Tourist Attractions in Japan
One of the famed "scenic trio" of Japan. Itsukushima Shrine was registered as a world heritage site in December 1996. It was built by Taira no Kiyomori the end of the Heian period (794 - 1184). The sight of the O-torii Gate standing in the sea and the large corridor washed by the waves is just like looking a Heian picture scroll. In addition, there are also many historical sites such as Senjokaku and the Five-storied Pagoda, and in addition Mt Misen, the Miyajima Aquarium, and Tsutsumigaura Nature Park are also popular. Tourist Attractions in Japan
A castle town situated at the mouth of the Nishiki river. It's symbol the Kintai-kyo bridge was constructed by Kikkawa Hiroyoshi, Lord of Iwakuni in 1673 during the Edo period. It is a five arch bridge, and one of the three famous bridges of Japan. Cherry blossom in the spring and cormorant fishing in the summer only add to the attraction of this bridge. Other places to see include Iwakuni Castle, Kikko Park, and the white snake display. tokyo japan tourist attractions
Sandankyo Gorge
A famous gorge designated as national special scenic beauty site. There are many fantastic sights that will take your breath away hidden deep in the primeval forest which stretches for a total of 16 km, beginning with the five famous grand sights of the jumping monkeys, Sandankyo gorge, Nidantaki Falls, Ryumon arch, and Mitsudaki Falls. It has been designated as a national special scenic beauty site because of its grand scale and the variety of its beauty. Numbered among the five famous gorges of Japan, nature's fabled panoramas unfold in succession along the length of this gorge. Japan Attractons
Mominoki Forest Park
This huge park of 400 hectares contains sports facilities such as tennis courts and ski slopes, accommodation facilities, camping grounds, vehicle camping grounds, and enables you to live the outdoor life to the full. tokyo japan tourist attractions
Ryuzu Gorge Koryu Forest
At the heart of the "Shinrinkan," a training and exhibition facility designed to introduce the history and industry of the village, restaurants, cabins, camping grounds, barbeque sites, vehicle camping grounds and so forth are provided and it fairly bustles with families and groups enjoying outdoor leisure activities. Moreover, at the communal lodging facility "Ryuzu House" you can relax at your leisure, enjoying the calm natural scenery of Tsutsuga village while soaking in the radon hot spring (Ryuzukyo hot spring). The nearby "Woodcarving and Pottery Craft Hall" is also popular. Ryuzu Gorge Koryu Forest
Geihoku Ski Resort
Geihoku town is the skiing Mecca of the Chugoku region. There are 8 ski resorts in town, and they all have good traffic access. There are plenty of guesthouses and ski lodges, and hordes of skiers visit from Kyushu and Shikoku in addition to those from within Hiroshima prefecture itself. Geihoku Ski Resort
Osorakan Ski Resort
This mountain towers 1,346 m above sea level to the west of the Sandankyo gorge. This great peak is one of the prides of Hiroshima prefecture and is exceptional for the beauty of its spring and fall foliage. At the foot of the mountain lies a plateau called Ushigoya Plateau and there are also camping facilities provided. In addition, there is also a national ski resort under private management. There are also two further ski resorts in Togochi town. Osorakan Ski Resort

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